Latest .NET projects and clients

by Influential Software

Clients from global enterprises to small businesses have seen the tangible benefits of our .NET team’s development expertise.

.net projects and clients represented by .net logo over tower bridge

Latest .NET projects and clients

by Influential Software

Clients from global enterprises to small businesses have seen the tangible benefits of our .NET team’s development expertise.

Companies that found success with us

Case studies: Influential Software .NET services

Industry spotlight: Logistics

Modernising intranet for UK-based shipping provider

Challenge: outdated system preventing collaboration

Our client, a UK-based shipping company, was struggling to share corporate information effectively due to an outdated intranet. Crucial resources such as policies and procedures, HR documents, and training manuals were difficult to find, access, and share across the company.

Project: full intranet rebuild in modern .NET code

Our .NET developers rebuilt the system to support a range of content that was easily searchable by staff in multiple departments. The system also supported several kinds of forms and workflows to allow for sign off. By designing the system so that all pages were accessible within three clicks, we ensured fast and uncomplicated access for all users. This system was also created to be compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Result: searchable resource for efficient information access

The client received a thoroughly updated .NET intranet that supported upload and sharing of all modern image, video, and document files. Cross-departmental collaboration received an immediate boost, freeing HR and training staff from lengthy manual processes and allowing them to focus on more valuable tasks.

Industry spotlight: Financial services

Consolidating management for financial services provider

Challenge: disparate accounts affecting performance

Our client, a financial services company based in the UK, had several separate applications for managing, updating, and enquiring into customer accounts and transactions. These disparate applications were the cause of time and cost inefficiencies in the business.

Project: bespoke .NET application development

The Influential Software solution was a comprehensive application to streamline and integrate all of the accounts and transactions processes. Our service included end-to-end delivery capability for the new development, comprising technical design, build and implementation. A scrum master and a DevOps resource oversaw the project’s timely and on-brief completion.

Result: enterprise-wide transparency and efficiency

Our .NET solution provided a slick, engaging, modernised, dashboard-driven environment with a consistent user experience. Management, updating, and enquiry processes were accelerated, cutting costs and freeing users to create extra value for the business. 

Industry spotlight: Publishing

Solving performance issues for global publisher

Challenge: application slowing critical operations

Users at the publisher had been complaining about the application’s performance for some time, blaming the issues on the app’s complex real-time calculations. However, when an upgrade caused further performance problems to appear, the quality of the application code was called into question.

Project: comprehensive .NET code review

The Influential Software .NET team investigated the system behaviour and architecture, providing detailed metrics on the results of this experimentation and analysis. Covering three core areas—the application and data access layer, the database, and the third-party processes—we gave a full review of the application in its context.

Result: transparent basis for high performance

The client received a summary of the system state and its ability to scale and handle the existing and future workload. We complemented this with proposals on how to address each of the issues and bottlenecks discovered by the team. By taking action on these proposals, the client was able to transform the application into a high-performance accelerator of business processes.

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