.NET project rescue services

Regain value from outdated frameworks or incomplete projects by transforming them into modern .NET code.

Utilise the power of .NET code analysis, .NET code review, and .NET penetration testing.
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.NET project rescue services

by Influential Software

Regain value from outdated frameworks or incomplete projects by transforming them into modern .NET code.

Trusted .NET project rescue team

Do you have…

…a legacy IT project that needs reviving?

…app security holes that need fixing?

…third-party code that needs checking?

If you experience any of these symptoms, then you will benefit from our .NET project rescue service. While many developers are reluctant to tackle someone else’s code, our team goes where others fear to tread. That’s because writing off old code often isn’t the wisest option. With almost 20 years of .NET experience, we know how to modernise outdated code in line with best practices. Effectively, our .NET project rescue service allows you to recoup the time and money you have invested into the original code.

Advanced .NET penetration testing

Security testing is a crucial stage in any development project. By testing your .NET code for security flaws, you insure your organisation and third parties against cyber attacks and fraud.

Having worked with government departments and financial services, our team is versed in the latest security measures. Our .NET security services include penetration testing to identify issues that would otherwise remain undiscovered until too late. These tests use various kinds of simulated attack to check how vulnerable your code is to malicious activity.

Penetration testing enables you to:

  • Get an objective opinion on your code’s security
  • Spot design flaws before they can be exploited
  • Create a plan to fix any insecure elements

On the basis of these tests, our developers will provide the assistance needed to prevent any future breaches.

Expert .NET code review services

An independent, expert review is the only way to be sure your .NET code quality is up to scratch.

Our .NET code review service provides in-depth analysis and methods to solve app performance issues for good.


.NET code analysis

We examine .NET code quality, performance, and scalability using tools such as SonarQube, .NET Profiler, and FXCop, while measuring system workload and resource utilisation.


Best-practice review

In the case of a third-party app, we will gauge their test, release, and quality assurance processes against the best practices employed by trusted enterprise solution providers.


Recommended solutions

We give recommended improvements to coding and processes, detail the results that can be expected from the improvements, and carry out whichever solutions you request.

Performance-based .NET code analysis

Ensure your application against any failings with a full security review, architectural review, and code quality review.

Some of the .NET application issues we typically find and fix are:

Maintenance routines

Schema structure

SQL coding principles

Infrastructure design

Database inefficiencies

Server backbone capacity

Client-server connectivity

SAN capacity issues

Testing, release, and QA

Customer Success Story

.net project rescue services | publishing case study

Solving .NET app performance issues for global publisher

Challenge: application slowing critical operations

Users at the publisher had been complaining about the application’s performance for some time, blaming the issues on the app’s complex real-time calculations. However, when an upgrade caused further performance problems to appear, the quality of the application code was called into question.

Project: comprehensive .NET code review

The Influential Software .NET team investigated the system behaviour and architecture, providing detailed metrics on the results of this experimentation and analysis. Covering three core areas—the application and data access layer, the database, and the third-party processes—we gave a full review of the application in its context.

Result: transparent basis for high performance

The client received a summary of the system state and its ability to scale and handle the existing and future workload. We complemented this with proposals on how to address each of the issues and bottlenecks discovered by the team. By taking action on these proposals, the client was able to transform the application into a high-performance accelerator of business processes.

Our clients that found success with us

Organisations of all sectors and sizes draw on our .NET development expertise.

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