.NET consultancy and services

by Influential Software

Receive expert guidance and technical support across the application lifecycle with our agile .NET consultancy.

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.NET consultancy and services

by Influential Software

Receive expert guidance and technical support across the application lifecycle with our agile .NET consultancy.

Optimised .NET solutions for digital transformation

From enhancing customer relationships to kick-starting productivity, our consultants will harness .NET applications to your needs.

Influential Software’s .NET consultancy uses flexible service models to boost your application returns.

Full-cycle .NET consultancy

Let us take complete responsibility for the analysis, implementation, design, testing, development, and integration of your .NET applications and any related systems.

Collaborative .NET support

Bring our .NET experts in to alignment with your IT personnel at any stage of the application lifecycle, for as long as your project needs last.
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Related .NET consultancy services

Project rescue

Our .NET code review service provides in-depth analysis and methods to solve app performance issues for good.

.NET app testing

By performing .NET application testing now, you save the time, money, and reputational damage of an inadequate app.

.NET support

Either as a whole team or to complement your existing IT staff, our services cover the full range of .NET support.

.NET migration

Migrating your .NET application with us is a fast, reliable process informed by decades of Microsoft code experience.

Innovative .NET solutions to enterprise challenges

A .NET application might be the linchpin of your customer engagement or business processes. You simply can’t afford to let it fail.

With the right .NET consultants, the complexities can be solved before they arise.

.NET application challenges

 Change and disruption making your application obsolete

Low productivity as apps can’t be accessed remotely 24/7

Concerns around enterprise data security and compliance

High cost and low value from disorganised data

Unsatisfactory return on the time and cost of app development

 Large ongoing expenditure on app maintenance

.NET consultancy solutions

Future-proof and modular .NET application architecture

 Well-designed and integrated .NET mobile apps

 Custom access control and ongoing vulnerability testing

 Smart location and rationalisation of application data

 Apps custom-designed for your tangible and intangible KPIs

 Modular apps cutting maintenance impact and cost

Agile and accelerated .NET consultancy

Agile development is the iterative method our consultants use to ensure every .NET project is completed to your exact specifications.

By consulting with stakeholders and adjusting accordingly, our service accelerates time-to-value and avoids costly mistakes.



Scoping and requirements gathering, with input from a dedicated project manager and lead developer.



Deploying to a production environment and a test environment (UAT), allowing the client to test any new features.



Producing .NET application prototypes, including wireframes and working mockups as the project requires.



Building piece by piece, sharing progress and taking feedback at each stage, with constant demoing and refinement.

And the value doesn’t end there. Once your new application is live, you’ll feel the benefit of full services: testing, support, and recruitment.



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