Custom .NET Application Development Solutions

Drawing on decades of .NET application development, Influential Software is expert in the creation of both cross-platform .NET apps and apps for your choice of OS. The .NET development team’s extensive capabilities include applications such as:

Creating services and web apps for Docker, macOS, Linux, and Windows

Building native mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android

Designing aesthetic and engaging desktop apps for macOS and Windows

Developing 3D and 2D games for all popular consoles, phones, and desktops

Machine Learning and AI
Enhancing your apps with features such as predictive models and speech processing

Internet of Things
Producing IoT apps, with the benefit of native support from single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi

Complete .NET Features for Your Business

Microsoft .NET software is an extremely versatile tool for building applications. Here are a few reasons why businesses keep coming to Influential Software for .NET application development:

Fast Development

Thanks to the expertise of the Influential Software team, we can keep .NET application development time down to an absolute minimum. The robust and reusable library of .NET components allows us to deliver applications faster and at a reduced cost.

Database Integration

The ASP.NET platform boasts one of the largest class libraries of the main coding languages today. It also has a great capacity to integrate with databases. Because of its reusable code and reusable components, developers can easily make modifications to the program once it’s in place.

Influential Software’s dynamic approach to .NET application development takes full advantage of the .NET tools and libraries.

Secure Encryption

When enterprise applications are in question, security must be top of the list. The .NET features such as code checks, encryptions, character validations, and code access security ensure that there are no unwanted risks.

The Influential Software in-house .NET application development process is object-oriented from the ground up, enabling us to build robust and secure applications quickly.

Scalable Library

The .NET system was designed to be easily scalable to match the dimensions and requirements of growing businesses. According to the enterprise’s needs, .NET can program both horizontally and vertically. As your business grows, it will be able to keep the same software and avoid costly reinvestment.

The Influential Software development process incorporates the efficient use of the .NET components Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework Class Library. These robust pre-built components allow us to deliver high-quality applications that are fully scalable.

Platform Compatibility

Multiple-platform compatibility is a must for modern businesses, and .NET has distinct advantages in that respect. The apps and software can run seamlessly across multiple devices. Aspects such as toll improvisations, modularisation and cross-device and cross-platform compatibility mean that .NET can work with platforms and languages almost universally.

Modular Framework

Influential Software makes full use of the .NET framework architecture, incorporating the required building blocks into the development life cycles of our systems. Our modular approach to .NET application development ensures that we adhere to Microsoft best practice.

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